Dec 15 – 18
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Get ready for an amazing weekend of juggling, workshops, games, and shows! What is a juggling festival, you ask? Well, it’s a large gathering of juggling fanatics that love to practice and share tips, tricks, and techniques with one another, be it solo juggling or multi-person passing patterns. But juggling festivals aren’t just about juggling. You will also find people doing a wide variety of skilled activities from rope spinning, tops and yo-yos, or even hula hooping. 

Juggle Vegas has something for all ages and skill levels! Whether you’d like to learn to juggle three balls, are an advanced juggler looking to trade tricks, or anywhere in between, Juggle Vegas has the workshops, games, and community to guarantee that you’ll have a good time.

Not a juggler? Don’t you worry, the fun isn’t only for jugglers. Being a spectator is free and you’ll be able to see the juggling space and everything else happening at SkillCon.