Dec 15 – 18
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Sunday, December 18
3:00 pm–4:00 pm
Workshop Room 2
Beginner, Intermediate

Cigar boxes are only recently being explored fully. This workshop is designed for beginner and intermediate folks to get some tips to help take their work to the next level. We’ll introduce and explore techniques with mostly three boxes, and a bit with four if people are interested. Please wear clothes you can move in, and bring boxes. Extra boxes will be available in very limited quantities.

Hosted by: Adam Kuchler

Adam Kuchler has been performing his style of silent skilled comedy around the world for the past 21 years, in circuses, theaters, varietes, cruise ships, and pretty much anywhere else people will have him. He won the special prize for clowning at the International Circus Festival of Figueres, Spain, and appeared on Late Night With David Letterman three times.

Photo by Jim Moore.