Dec 15 – 18
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Friday, December 16
12:00 pm–1:00 pm
Seminar Room
All Levels

Have you always been interested in learning hula hoop, but didn’t know where to begin? Or maybe you recently picked one up for the first time?  That means this class is perfect for you!  We will go over basic techniques and tricks to help you begin your hoop journey. We will cover basic on body and techniques to help you keep your hoop revolving with ease.  We will also cover some off body tricks like isolations, single hoop weaves, transitioning and more!  Bring your hoop, but extra’s will be provided as well!


Miss MichelleBell began training in hoop dance in 2009 in Bloomington, Illinois.  As she continued training she discovered a passion for other circus, fire and movement arts.  She moved to Chicago in 2011 to start her performing career. Over the next few years, she would make a name for herself as one of the leaders in the contemporary hoop scene traveling all over the country to instruct in her unique, acrobatic and fitness hooping and share her act on stages from coast to coast.  Feeling a need for change and desire to reach new heights in her career, Michelle relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, entertainment capitol of the world in the fall of 2014.  Since then she… Read More