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Volleyclub is a sport played by jugglers.  The game is similar to volleyball, with a juggling club being tossed back and forth instead of a ball.  The object of the game is to score points by making your opponents drop the game club.

This guide will outline the rules of the game.  Anyone who has played the game before is free to offer additional rules and suggestions!

Number of Players

The game is best played with two teams, where each team has 2 players.  3-4 players per team is also possible.


Juggling clubs – enough for each player to have two clubs. These are the ‘player clubs’.
The ‘game club’, which is a single juggling club distinguished from the ‘player clubs’.
A volleyball net, raised about 7 feet high.  If no net is available, a rope tied horizontally shall suffice.
Sufficient space is required. A standard volleyball court or basketball court will suffice.

Deciding Who Serves First

Two fun ways to pick which team gets to serve first:

‘Jump Club’: Have one representative from each team face each other. Have a third person toss the game club high in the air.  The representatives will then try to grab the club in the air. Whoever grabs it first wins the serve.
Volley for the serve: play one round of volleyclub and the team that scores the point wins the serve.

Starting the Game and The Serve

Players shall join their teams on their respective side of the net.  Before the game starts, each player must be holding two clubs.

Whichever team wins the first serve is awarded the game club.  The player that owns the game club is designated the ‘server’, and may begin juggling a 3 club cascade pattern.  The server must then toss the game club from the cascade pattern over the net.

A valid serve is defined as follows:

  • The game club makes it over the net, without touching the net or any other player clubs.
  • The game club is tossed with the speed and spin of a standard passing throw.  A toss that is irregular or spun too fast, as determined by the players, shall be deemed invalid.
  • If an invalid serve is made, the server is allowed one re-serve.  If the re-serve is also deemed invalid, a point is awarded to the opposing team, and the opposing team is awarded the game club.

Examples of invalid serves:

  • Tossing a club that is not the game club.
  • Failing to do a 3 club cascade.
  • Hitting the net with the game club.
  • Having another team member touch the tossed club while it is in the air.
  • Throwing a very rapidly spinning club.
  • Throwing a club that is spinning horizontally (a ‘helicopter throw’)

When the game club passes over the net and enters your side of the court, it is your team’s job to defend.  If the game club touches the court floor on your teams side, within the boundaries of the court, the opposing team wins a point and is allowed to continue serving.

In order to defend your team’s side of the court, the game club must be caught by one of the players, and then tossed back to the opposing side.

A player that intends to catch the game club must be holding two clubs, one in each hand.

A valid catch requires that the game club be caught in a player’s hand without another club in the same hand simultaneously. In other words, the player intending to catch the game club must enter a brief juggling pattern of some sort.

The player holding the newly caught game club must then relinquish the game club by tossing it back over the net, or to another player on the same team.

Failing to toss the game club will cause the player to violate one of the game rules:

  • Players are never allowed to hold the game club and another club simultaneously in the same hand (except when serving).
  • A player cannot toss the game club to him/herself twice in a row.  In other words, after a player has tossed the game club he/she cannot touch it again.
  • A player cannot let one of his/her own clubs hit the ground BEFORE tossing the game club.
  • A player cannot hold onto the game club. The game club must be thrown, right after it is caught.
  • If a player violates one of these rules while in the process of catching the game club, the catch is deemed invalid, and a point is awarded to the opposing team.

Passing to a team member

A player that tosses the game club is allowed to toss it to a team member.  The team member must catch the game club following the same rules outlined above.  A maximum of two passes are allowed before the game club must be returned over the net.  Violation of this rule will result in the opposing team being awarded a point.

Dropped Clubs

Remember, as long as a player tosses the game club before dropping any other clubs, the toss is deemed valid and play continues.  Depending on which rule is picked in the beginning, two possibilities exist for players who drop their clubs:

The Strict Rule: this basically states that a player that lets a club drop is out for the round, and may not return until the round ends.

The Nice Rule: a player that drops a club is allowed to continue play, so long as he/she collects the dropped club(s) and is holding one club in each hand before catching the game club again.


A ‘spike’ is a manuever to defend ones side of the court without having to catch the game club.  To complete a spike, a player uses one or both of their clubs to hit the game club back to the opposing side.  Due to the often violent and unpredictable nature of spiking, some additional rule variations can be put in place to counter them. Such as, the player’s clubs are not allowed to hit the net when spiking.

Out of Bounds

If the game club lands outside of the court boundaries, and was not touched by any team members before it landed, the team that tossed the game club loses the point.


Teams are awarded points every time the game club touches the floor, a complete deviation from typical volleyball where a team could only earn points when serving.

A game is played until a team scores at least two more points than the opposing team, with a minimum of 11 points required for a win.


Volleyclub should be a game of fun that is enjoyed by all its players.  Players are encouraged to engage in a fun and competitive match.  Unsportsmanlike behavior such as screaming, harrassment, or intentionally causing harm shall not be tolerated.

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